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Congratulations to the completion of the pipe jacking works by Xuan Xuan equipment at the Changsha construction site

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Congratulations to the completion of the pipe jacking works by Xuan Xuan equipment at the Changsha construction site


On May 1st of this year, good news came from the construction site of the Changsha City project in Hunan and Xuanxuan Heavy Industry’s YSD2000 rock pipe jacking machine LaoDao River sewage pipe was successfully crossed through the 180 meters,Due to the customer's short manufacture process period and heavy tasks, In order to meet the customer's manufacture process period requirements, Xuanxuan Heavy Industry has created a four-day and three-night equipment manufacturing record which has been highly praised by customers.


The total construction length of the LaoDao River sewage pipeline is 1 km, the one way-drilling distance is 180 meters and the soil is full-section rock layer and some cobblestone sand. The softer the geology, the requirement for correction control is needed. Due to the sand is fluid,so the requirements of rectification control depend on the softness of the soil.Not only to meet the requirements of crushing, but also to keep the construction axis consistent with the design axis.

Xuanxuan team solved the problems of short construction period and geological difficulties. Experienced operators also play a key role in the smooth progress of construction,The work of each step and the assistance of the team are inseparable. During the construction period, Xuanxuan engineers attended the construction site for guide the work.

Every improvement of Xuanxuan's pipe jacking machine and equipment performance depends on the engineers' on-site research and sales team and the timely feedback of the after-sales team. According to the continuous improvement of the complex geological conditions on construction site, Xuanxuan Heavy Industry has achieved rapid development in a few years.


Xuanxuan Heavy Industry is an iron army that can endure hardship and struggles. In the harsh underground construction environment, Xuanxuan people are not afraid of hardships and dangers and often walk through underground pipelines to solve construction problems for customers. Xuanxuan equipment and services have been highly praised by customers!


At present, Xuanxuan pipe jacking machine has been fully upgraded in four series, Rock Pipe Jacking Machine, Slurry Balance Pipe Jacking Machine, Mixer Pipe Jacking Machine and Argue Boring Machine, pipe jacking machine diameter from 100mm-4000mm, widely used in water conservancy and hydropower , Municipal engineering, gas pipelines and other fields. With high-quality products and rich construction experience, It has provided high-quality solutions for pipe jacking construction projects in over the world.


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