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What is rectangle pipe jacking machine

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In the case of shorter tunnels or smaller underground structures in urban areas, most construction projects use shearing and covering methods. There are some disadvantages to this approach, such as traffic disruption, which requires a number of additional measures to stabilize surrounding buildings, dust and noise. To reduce these side effects of construction activities, apply rectangular top tube. The excavation work has been developed. Common pipelines are common for jacking, small silos and receipt wells must be excavated, usually using a rectangle pipe jacking machine.

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In the 1970s, rectangular pipe jacking was first developed and successfully applied in the Tokyo underground passage. After several years of research and development, rectangular pipe jacking technology with a width of more than 6 meters and a height of more than 3 meters has become popular in Asia. At present, the rectangular pipe jack is suitable for a series of soil layers and weak rock layers, and adopts the earth pressure balance excavation method. Combined with the above characteristics, the use of the rectangle pipe jacking machine is also becoming more and more extensive in life.

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