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Application of Slurry Pipe Jacking machine

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slurry pipe jacking machine is not as common in people's consciousness, but they have been widely used in China. The slurry pipe jacking machine is also known as the mud pipe jacking tunnel boring machine TBM. These sections are designed to suit specific engineering conditions and tunnel boring machines.

NPD1500 slurry pipe jacking machine (1).jpg

The slurry pipe jacking machine is an underground excavator that removes excavated materials by hydraulic means. It uses a method for unstable terrain. It is considered to be a kind of "soft soil" tunnel boring machine and earth pressure balance tunnel boring machine, which is widely used in underground water pipelines, oil pipelines, natural gas, buried underground pipelines and other fields. Sewage, water supply, drainage engineering, cables, tunnels, and various communication cables. The pipe is not being dug. This technology does not require an excavation surface; it pushes the pipe into the soil because its studio is deep in the ground and does not have much impact on noise and is widely used in China.

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