What is the point of doing a project?

The benefits generated by the project itself are not what we are doing in the first place

As a source enterprise that does practical things to make products, we always adhere to the development process of the times, and the core concept and development strategy of creating products according to customer needs. So our products can always meet the various construction needs of customers.

Shaft Sinking Machine (Casing Oscillator)

The final depth of the steel casing well reached 18 meters for the Hangzhou Wastewater Treatment Project in China.
It is born for the construction of a developed city, solves various difficulties brought about by urban construction, and has the remarkable characteristics of small footprint, quiet and high construction efficiency.


Micro tunneling Machine

China Gezhouba Water Diversion Project, with a pipe diameter of DN500, is a full-section rock with a hardness of more than 120Mpa, which is the first case of a small-diameter rock pipe jacking machine in the full-section hard rock geology in China.

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