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Rock Micro Tunneling Machine
    • Rock Micro Tunneling Machine
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Micro tunneling machine

The main drive system is equipped with large power.

Realization Φ400~Φ600 micro tunneling machine with large torque rock breaking construction, it has powerful cone crushing device for rock in the slurry chamber, YSD series micro rock pipe jacking machine has a wide range of geological applications, hard soil、sandy soil、gravel、soft rock and hard rock condition. All-round pipe jacking tunneling construction.


YSD series micro rock pipe jacking machine has small space occupation and little impact on road traffic, it  is especially suitable for the construction of small roads in big cities and complex pipelines in old urban areas, and it is also suitable for small working shaft diameter Φ2000mm/Φ2500mm, with good economy and fast construction speed, it is a new generation of green environmental pipe jacking construction equipment.


1. Wide range of soil adaptability for construction, high precision guidance system, real-time direction, prompt correction, to achieve a wide range of pipe jacking construction possibilities, from soil、sand、gravel、hard rock geology.

2. Small working shaft

Diameter Φ2000mm/Φ2500mm, the round steel sleeve working shaft can meet the requirement of YSD series Micro Rock machine for pipe jacking construction, as well as small round working shaft can receive the equipment.

3. In the case of suitable geological construction conditions, with special bentonite mud and anti-friction agent. The single driving distance of YSD series micro rock pipe jacking machine can reach 200M

4. Retractable equipment in pipe jacking tunnel, during the pipe jacking construction, if the excavation face encounters some issues, meet the driftwood, boulder and steel bar, and does not correspond to YSD, the YSD series micro rock pipe jacking machine is equipped with tensile steel rod, which can be pulled back and pulled out equipment in the tunnel.

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