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NPD2000 slurry balance pipe jacking machine
    • NPD2000 slurry balance pipe jacking machine
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General Description:

Slurry Pipe Jacking Machine construction is the underground pipeline construction which was developed after shield construction.

This does not require the surface excavation, and can cross roads, railways, rivers, ground buildings, underground structures and various kinds of underground pipelines.

With the help of the thrust of main Jacking unit or main jacking cylinders and intermediate jacking station between the pipes or other thrust pushing the product pipe and heading machine (through the soil) from launch shaft to the receiving shaft and lift up. The process consists of embedding the pipes between the two shafts, In order to realize the non-excavated laying underground pipes. Avoid disruption or any impact of the city buildings and road traffic congestion during construction.

In the stability of soil and environmental protection highlights its advantages. It is very important for cities with heavy traffic, densely populated, with many terrestrial buildings and complex underground pipelines. It creates a clean, comfortable and beautiful environment for the city.





Application Scope: 

Pipe Jacking Machine is also widely used in underground water pipe, oil pipe, natural gas, for trenchless underground pipe laying projects, e.g. sewage, water supply, discharging projects, cables, tunnel, various communication cable laying pipeline trenchless, this technology doesn't need surface excavation, the pipes are pushed underground into the soil from launch shaft, the pipeline can be curved, and machine can overcome some underground obstacles.


Slurry Pipe Jacking Machine construction is a trenchless (non-excavation) construction, it is a non-excavation or less excavation tunnel construction technology. Pipe jacking construction work is executed inside a pit/well by means of jacking equipment which produce jacking force, and overcome the friction between the pipes and the surrounding soil

Jacking the product pipes into the soil at the design slope while simultaneously excavating soils, after a section of pipe is jacked into the soil, the second section of the pipe continues to, the principle is by means of the thrust of the main jacking cylinder or jacking station, intermediate jacking station, and other thrust pushing the product pipe or heading machine (through the soil ) from working well (launch shaft) to the receiving well/shaft and then lift up. Thus, the pipes are embedded between the two shafts

Main Features: 

Applicable to a wide range of soil, soft soil, clay, sand, hard soil, backfill soil.

with strong crushing ability, crushing large particle, independent water injection, grouting system, the jacking speed is fast, the fastest jacking speed can reach 200mm per minute

High precision construction, the up and down, left and right deviation adjustment angle can reach 5.5 degrees.

The use of ground centralized control system, safe, intuitive and convenient.

1.NPD series slurry pipe jacking machine is suitable to drill in soft, clay, sandy, gravel soil, hard soil, and back filling. 

2. It has the advantage of strong breaking capacity. 

3. Equipped with independent water injection and lubrication.  

4. Has rapid jacking speed, reaching 200mm per min minutes. 

5. With high accuracy construction, can rectify a deviation upper, lower, left and right , for a max deviation adjustment angle 5.5°

6. It adopts surface centralized control system, which is reliable, safe, intuitive and more comfortable operation.


The advantages of our equipment

1.The shell thickness is not less than 25mm so as to avoid any deformation. It is made as a whole part, not pieced together. 

2. Power Box:

2.1 The main axle material is 42CrMo and its gear never breaks.

2.2 Good sealing ensures that mud water will not enter the power box.

2.3 Use of ultrasonic flaw detection ensure no occurrence of cracks and achieve triple flaw detection.

2.4 It's a complex processing from rough finish, forging, heat treatment, flaw detection to fine finishing and chroming.

3. PLC electronic control system

3.1 Humanized design with USB interface under control desk (console) for charging

3.2 PLC program is programmed with motor protection and 5-second delay for fast stop under both clockwise and counterclockwise motor running so that the gear will not be broken for sake of gear protection.

3.3 PLC intelligent control can take a three-day record of operator’s deviation correction in case of unnecessary dispute after any accident.

Technical Advantage:

1. Main drive can be driven by a hydraulic motor, with high torque, high reliability, power and technical parameters are based on Herrenknecht and MTS.

2. Main drives adopts Swing bearing design, it has the same design and function as Herrenknecht and MTS, but with low-cost value.

3. Backup system adopts automatic guidance system as similar as VMT

Tunneling Data Acquisition and Recording System

Packaging & Shipping

Nude Packing

Delivery Detail:

60 days after receiving 30% deposit.

Our Services:

1.After sales services: overseas commissioning engineer available for testing and installation.

2.Working services: overseas commissioning working team for whole pipe jacking construction. 

3.On site service support;

4.12months warranty;

5. Permanent service support,

6. Communicate through web services, Phone, E-mail,  Whatsapp,Wechat, Linkedin etc.

7. 24/7 Hot-line & E-mail Service. 

8.Your inquiry related to our pipe jacking machine will be replied within 24 hours. Well-trained and experienced staff will answer all your questions in fluent English.


If quality & assembling problem cause troubles, we take responsible on spare parts and all service fees.

If misusage or human factors cause the trouble, users shall take responsibility on spare parts and all service fees.

 Company Information:

Jiangsu Xuanxuan Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. is affiliated with Weiqiang Group.It's located in Changzhou city,Jiangsu Province, it is located in the center of the Yangtze River Delta, the north part close to Yangtze River, the south part close to Lake Taihu, and East part is close to the East China Sea. That is the birthplace of modern Chinese industrial, modern equipment manufacturing city. It Has a superior geographical advantage with convenient land and sea and air transportation conditions.

WeiQiang group was founded in 1989,More than 30 years of history, now,It Consists of several companies, such as  Weiqiang Chemical, Weiqiang machinery,  XuanXuan heavy Machinery, it was assessed as "private technology enterprises in Changzhou City","High-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province " Private science and technology enterprises in jiangsu province ".

Jiangsu Xuan Xuan Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. professional design and manufacture trenchless engineering equipment, integrate Product development, manufacturing, marketing and after-sales service. Products include multi-series slurry pipe jacking machine, pipe jacking equipment and spare parts. Mixed pipe jacking machine, EPB(Earth Pressure Balance pipe jacking machine),GBM (Guide Boring Machine/ Auger Boring Machine) Casing oscillator etc. from 300mm to 4000mm MTBM(Micro Tunneling Boring Machine).

The company attaches great importance to the development of new technology and new products. In recent years, vigorously invested in the non-excavation pipe jacking equipment hydraulic systems, and had done a lot of fruitful work. It has successfully developed a slurry balance, earth pressure balance , rock pipe jacking machine, auger boring machine and series of multi-type excavation products, It has been a successful application in job sites. 

The company attaches great importance to product quality management, and establish a standardized and systematic quality management platform, strict requirements, excellence, our goal is to provide customers with high-quality engineering equipment. Company will provide high-quality pre-sale, sale, after-sales service,Companies to provide high-quality pre-sale, sale, after-sales service, At any time, provide product consulting,   use  guidance, etc.

Adhering to the service purposes of "active", professional specialization, efficiency first " we aim to provide quality products and excellent service to our customers. To achieve the expectations of customers and exceed goals of industry standard.

Xuanxuan heavy industry Machinery Co., Ltd. based on long-term development strategy, follow the product concept, and vigorously promote scientific and technological innovation, continuing to provide customers with quality products and services.


In order for you to get a better price and technical solutions. Please provide the following required parameters:

1. Project total length, distance for one section, how many sections will be built? 

2. Pipe type: CRP/RCC concrete pipe or steel pipe etc, pipe drawing or pipe dimension such as pipe length ? spigot size? outer and inner diameter ? 

3. Projects information: water supply, sewage project? 

4. Underground water level; 

5. SI (Soil Investigation), detailed soil information.

6. Project Drawing 

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