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BY500 Auger Boring Machine
    • BY500 Auger Boring Machine
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The auger boring machine is suitable for small pipe diameter Φ 300, Φ 400, Φ 500, Φ 600mm, sewer pipeline,separate rain water pipeline and thermal pipeline casing, etc., steel and semi-steel pipeline laying. The equipment is small in volume and can be accommodated in a circular working shaft with diameter 2500mm. The main performance characteristics of auger boring machine are as follows:

The equipment volume is small, with high or strong power, the thrust is large, the jacking speed is fast, the requirement for operator skill is low, the horizontal straightness of the whole jacking process is ±30mm, can be shortened effectively, it has low construction cost and greatly improve work efficiency.

the construction area of foundation shaft is small, the road wide can be 3 meters, the minimum diameter of working shaft is 2.5 meters, and the minimum diameter of receiving is 1.5 meters.

This reduces effect of the environment pollution, keep good environment , no mud production, the construction discharging is the wet mud or the dry soil, it has solved the city abandoned soil difficult problem, also can use the second time backfill;

Applicable to all kinds of normal soil such as: soft soil, the clay, the sand soil, the hard soil and the backfill.

The construction method of auger boring machine is three times construction. the first is to push the dual wall pilot tubes to breakthrough, the second construction uses the steel casing as the conductor, connecting the variable diameter pipe and 220mm casing to expand the diameter, after the diameter expansion is completed, the auger is pushed into the 220mm steel casing, and the third construction uses the reaming to expand the hole and lay the pipe into the ground.

For the first time, the pilot tubes is a bevel bit, and there is a target in the bit. The laser theodolite in the working shaft is used to observe the target, it can control the direction of the pilot tubes. During the process of thrusting, because the stratum reaction force is opposite to the normal direction of the section, when there is no deviation in the thrusting direction of the pilot tubes, the pilot tubes must keep rotating so that the stratum resistance acting on the cutting face can be offset and keep in a straight line. However, when there is a deviation during thrusting the direction of the section is adjusted to the appropriate orientation, the pilot tubes is stopped to be rotating, then rectify the guide bit to the planned axle. When the guide bit is basically adjusted in place, immediately start to rotate, to maintain the straight direction and thrust the pilot tubes to the receiving shaft to complete the first construction.

In the second construction, the variable diameter pipe is installed on the pilot tubes, the push pad is installed on the reaming head, one steel casing is pushed in one after the other, matching auger is loaded into the steel casing after the 220mm transition pipe completely breakthrough, which is used for sand discharge, during subsequent excavation.

In the third construction, the auger boring machine (reaming head) is connected behind the auger, the bore diameter(aperture) is extended to the size of the excavated thrusting (propulsion)pipe, and the soil is discharged from the spiral conveying pipe to the receiving shaft. In order to reduce the friction force around the cutting head and the pipeline of the submersible shield machine, water or lubricating mud is often injected into the cutting head of the submersible shield machine, so that the soil is softened and easy to excavate, and the friction resistance of the push pipe can also be reduced. The detailed excavation steps are shown in the following figure:

Working principle of auger boring machine(GBM or ABM)


Technical principle of Auger boring machine: first use hydraulic power device to push the pilot tubes to breakthrough according to the designed pipeline, then push the steel casing to the breakthrough, and finally uses unearthed spiral pipe(auger) as a conductor, and the end of auger is connected to the auger boring machine(reaming head) and the pipe to be laid is pushed in at the same time, and the pipe is finally laid.

Construction method

One-time construction method

Two-time construction method

 Three-time construction method

Cutting method

guide rod bit extrusion type

spiral casing extrusion expansion type

Auger boring machine cutting

Drainage method Extrusion without soil)

drainage Extrusion without soil drainage

drainage Extrusion without soil drainage

Spiral unearthed

Measurement method

Laser theodolite and monitors

correction method


Pilot bit rotation correction


Applicable pipes

Ductile iron pipe, reinforced concrete pipe, GRP sand pipe


Applicable pipe diameter



Applicable soil

Soft soil, clay, sand, gravel, hard soil, backfill soilQuality

N value (Number of hammers in standard test)


rock ratio


The advancing distance

80 meters, which will be different according to the change of soil quality

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